For FreeverseRevolution’s September Writing Prompt # 4 – BONES

When the whole world comes to an end,
to me but not for you,
If there are certain ones who might still
be kind at heart, then do me a favor.
Bury me and do not burn my body.
Bury me deep and mark the spot.
Nine months of time – not more, not less.
Dig my grave to see my bones still intact.
Things had gone so deep till my bones,
when I breathed in and out.
And it is true that they hold memories
of everything you have been and
everything you have not been.
Enduring hard slashed silence for all these years,
if given voice, they would start speaking.
Underneath flesh and skin,
living altogether in darkness and blood,
they have born enough of the pain.
A relief of the sort I would like to gain,
useless to me but for them at least.
They hold my dreams and they shall forever.
Pick some if not the whole.
Throw some into the seas,
scatter some in the wild forests,
disperse some in the mountains ,
and the last few at a place of your choice.
Now that I have become the bones,
I shall no more be called the “body”,
but some heap of hard bones.
With your help, I shall live again,
through the seas tossing me hitherto,
between the mountains hearing their secrets,
with the forests humming their music to me,
and at the place you have chosen for me.
Promise me now that you shall help,
for I never wish to be known as just a fossil,
who never fulfilled bone deep dreams.


36 thoughts on “Bones

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  1. There are some verses that touch you deep within, leave you to ponder on its depth and beauty and then take you back to read it again and again….. This is just amazing, Nima… maybe more than that…I really loved reading this and yes, I’m reading it again💛💛💛

    Liked by 1 person

        1. hehehe..
          thank you Aswathy 🙂
          njan ezhuthye poems thanne kure naalu kazhnju vayikkumbo enikkum angane thonnum 😛 njan engane ithu ezhuthy ennu 😛 😛 😛

          enthokkendu avide?
          veedu ready aayi shift aayo ?

          Liked by 1 person

                    1. Nattil visesham Corona thanne..
                      njan ingottu porunna samayam containment aayirunnu veedinte bhagam.. pakshe ipo alla..
                      pakshe chuttum indu !!
                      ammem achanum mathrellu veettil.. avaru puratheku irangnlya..

                      Liked by 1 person

  2. How can you depict life and death so beautifully through bones? I’m awestruck, Nima. ❤

    I remember reading somewhere, that our physical body holds more memories than our mind. Your words have justified this. After death, bones live the life that wasn’t lived. But personally, I dread my dead body being buried. 🙄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Am elated to read your words after a long time Anisha !! Thank you very much 😊😊😊

      I have heard it in terms of relations. The body holds memories and feel pain of real close relations. And about the bones, wouldn’t it be nice to stay in oceans, forests and mountains- the places we sometimes dread while alive?


      1. I’m happy too to read your words and spread some smile, Nima. 😊

        That’s so true. It hurts when a close one feels hurt. But, what I had read was related to genetic takeovers through DNA across generations.

        I agree, Nima. Even if our mind can’t comprehend the pleasure after death, at least a part of us in the form of bones can still gather experiences. It’d be great.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah exactly… and I think it is called Runanubandha .. I hope the word is correct 🙂 That is in terms of Yoga ..

          Yes…That would be wonderful 🙂
          my husband after reading this got his swollen and looked at me with a mixed emotional face :/


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