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At Home With Death

This is a poem that I wrote for the theme ” AFTER LIFE” , which is the theme for the month of September on Free Verse Revolution. Everyday the blog will publish one poem each, based on the given theme, from writers across.
I too tried writing on the theme and it has been published on the first day of the month.

You can see my poem posted here.

Thank you Kristiana for choosing mine !! ❀

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When the last leaf of maple tree falls,
when blood will gush out of the ivy,
and when all the embers die out,
I shall breathe my last breath.
The world for me shall succumb,
and the disgracing body I shall leave behind.
I leave for you my sorrows and
my happiness equally to part.
Death shall come to me as a friend,
for I have seen him many a time,
and each time he came,
he released a soul from pain.
He shall kiss me sweetly,
with the warmth of a heartbeat,
and the sweetness of a salty tear.
In his chariot I shall ride with him,
and then when I turn back,
I shall see me buried into the womb of soil.
I shall be the soil soon and then,
trees will keep me warm,
wrapping my body with their roots.
In return, they drink my blood,
and nourish their life with mine.
Their language become mine,
I shall speak of the wind,
I shall speak as the wind.
To travel and to seize clouds,
and then a cool embrace as the rain upon you.
Plants will grow out of my head,
and my feet shall be grounded forever.
When the years pass by,
when a tree shall grow massive,
the grey rabbit will find the spot-
the perfect one, to dig a burrow.
Then I shall be the home too.
With death, when I finally cross over,
I shall tell tales of life on earth,
how I chased time – the fool in me,
how incomplete I was until,
death visited and completed me.
This time I am home, for the last time.


41 thoughts on “At Home With Death

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    1. Thank you so much CLM 😬😬 if thats ok as a name.. and i very much appreciate your comment for my poem.. met with great happiness ❀️❀️❀️


  1. Wow!!!! I’m amazed Nima, I wish I could write like you. You are definitely one of a kind. Amazing!!!! So many emotions evoked, this poem is simply superb. You should consider writing a book of poems. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

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