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For Eugi’s Weekly PromptTransition

Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Poetry ChallengeDay and Flaw

Masking shady flaws
Sidereal day embarks change
Gloomy transition

Silent sins of day
fracturing turbulent dreams
exhausted two eyes

Reluctant sunlight
sky colored in fumes of grey
time passage delayed

Early bright sun rays
melting waxy foams of clouds


41 thoughts on “Transition

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      1. Oh I know! I suck when it comes to all these formats. I can never get the syllables perfectly. Kore failed attempts at Haiku ond. So I’m amazed at anyone who can pull it off and make it look so effortless. It was well worth the effort, dear. Thank you so much for creating this. Onam preparations okke thudangiyo?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hehehe 😁😁
          Onam preparation onnulledo. Njan nattil aayirunnappo grandmother marichu. So ithavana onam illya.. pinne ivde aake njangal 3 per alle illu.. mikkavarum sadya hotel poyi kzhikkaranu pathivu. Allathe kure curries indakki pinne ellam waste aavum. Ithavana athum pattillya.. so ithavanathe onam simple aanu 😊
          Thaniku enthenglum celebration indo avde? Nattil pokanum pattillallo 🥺 friends indo.. room mates oke?


        1. Sorry I could not reply yesterday 🤭🤭
          Going good dear.. and things are going to be super busy.. my son’s classes resumes on Sunday after the summer vacation and since it is online, I will be fully engaged 🤭 straight 4 hours class.. i dong know when I will write now 🥺🥺🥺

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          1. Online classes are tiring for mommies. My 10 year old is ok. It’s tough with the younger one. These kinder garten learnings are so much better with group dynamics. There’s only so much we can do as a mommy.

            You will write 😄as you say you ‘relax rejuvenate and motivate’ here .. you will need all that 😅

            Liked by 1 person

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