Day, Night and their Love

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Night meets Day

The day dawned as usual,
but amiss was something
Not as bright as every day,
and not as yellow as he used to be.
Shadows of gloom conceived,
and clouds of grey encroached.
None knew the reason,
not even the birds of sky.
Thunders dropped and
lightening flashed and
he was too restless.
Rays of sun heavy with grief,
lacked warmth of embrace.
Earth knew the sky,
earth knew the sun and
earth knew the day.
Earth also knew the night.
She smiled and said-
“You are in love my dear-
and with the lady of the moon”.
With a drizzle he answered,
and waited for her to go on.
“She is pretty and has charm,
but night belongs to moon,
as you belong to sun.
But like a wild horse,
love can’t be reined or ruled.
It thrives on freedom and
winds its own path.
Find a way to be with her,
everyday but not for long.
Till the sun in sky is your time,
and with the moon is hers.”
With this earth stopped her preach,
and then kept mum.
The day made plans
and made secret pacts.
And when  the sun went down,
he waited for his love.
She came with the moon,
and as deep as ever.
Veils of colors were drawn,
and this blinded the moon.
When night met the day,
everything was golden.
Golden was the sky,
golden was the earth,
the air too shone in gold.
The warmth of fondling souls
kept the pace real slow.
And they stayed behind the clouds,
hand in hand, heart to heart,
till the stars started to shine.
And they parted, with a promise,
to meet again the next day.
Thus was born a tale of love,
between the day and night,
the brightest and the deepest.


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