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The Asylum

For Mindlovemisery’s Photo Challenge #326


An old house with worn off paints and an eerie look stood on the left side of the road towards the end. They said mad men lived there- men with loose emotions and cursed tongues. They said they could always hear the cacophony of swears and cries from inside the house and none dared to tread the path. They said, the mad men always waited for someone to cross that cursed road and they always called out for help. Scary and strange.

One day but, the news spread that some strange fever spread among the mad men; one by one they perished. And when the last of the soul withered, the house was silent forever. Nobody knew about rest of the inmates or if ever there was a doctor or anyone who took care of them.

Everyone said they had a sense of calmness when the end of the street became silent and the road slowly gained traffic towards that side. But me, the curious me, the total introvert, saw myself having an ultimate longing to
enter the asylum -to explore the insides.

I never trusted anyone,so did not share my plan of intrusion. Somehow I managed to enter the “mad house” secretly and began wondering. The sight that welcomed me was surprising – something that I never expected.
There I saw the walls painted in the brightest of colors which was quiet a contrary to the dull outsides. The steps too had certain decorations similar to the ones on the rail. And each wall, each step had a story to tell.

Some had portraits, some had scribbles, some had graffiti, some had cartoons. Names were written, cut off and rewritten, pictures were drawn, scratched off and redrawn. To everyone else, this might seem a mess, but for me, I saw thriving life on those walls. I saw the mad men’s deepest fears and secrets come alive on those mundane walls. I saw their emotions taking forms, and their abuses making way for breathing. I saw their insane souls in search of the lost world, and the clowns fooling themselves in this circus.
They cried for help from us, but we the “sane” ones did not lend and ear. What was the reason they called out? Why did they all die? I wish at least one was spared to explain this. But no- this will never happen. And I with a heavy heart and a heavier soul, left the world of sanity and entered the insane world of cultured fellows.


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