Peristeronic Mess

For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt – #168
Peristeronic means of relating to pigeons.

Pigeons- those pudgy little rascals.

My balcony here is always a peristeronic mess.

One flocks with his partner, then comes the whole group – friends, friends of friends – a lot of them, and they all have a ball. I would not have minded if they had some manners or at least wore a diaper !!

Word count – 53


45 thoughts on “Peristeronic Mess

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      1. Yeah, I understand the difficulties as the owner of the house. They are true rascals.

        Anyway, you’ll be bored without their constant visits, Nima… I hope!


                    1. πŸ˜€

                      alla ddo… Feb to July nattil aayrunnu. UAE to India air space first time open cheythapo thanne ponnu to Dubai πŸ™‚ July 21 thirike ethy πŸ™‚
                      Aswathy evideya ?

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