Haiku Prompt Challenge – Ronovan

Written for Haiku Prompt Challenge – Ronovan

. The challenge is to write one Haiku on given challenge words.
. The prompts this week are – Ripple and Dwindle

. I have used 5/7/5 as my way in Haiku. I have always used this count.
. Please find some tips to write Haiku in English here. Ronovan has given some amazing insights on Haiku.

I have written 2 Haiku here.

Haiku 1:
Dreams ripple through wind
Warm colors unveil new day
Black vapors dwindle

Haiku 2:
Moon breaking all rules
Love tides rippling through loud waves
Resistance dwindles

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45 thoughts on “Haiku Prompt Challenge – Ronovan

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  1. Nice. And the syllable thing can be a tough one depending on where you are from and how you pronounce the word. I use the howmanysyllables.com site for mine. The link is in the challenge if you ever need it. I really liked these. Nice imagery.

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    1. Hello Ronovan 😊😊
      Yes.. i was really confused when my dear fello blogger ponited that out. And when I googled, i found the word had 2 syllables.. but the way i read, it had only 1.
      Thank you for the help.. I will surely use it from here😊 and glad that you liked them 🧑🧑🧑

      Liked by 2 people

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