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Colors on my Canvas

Thursday Poetry Competition hosted by H R Phoenix

PC : Pinterest

A blank canvas with no palette strokes,
a newborn mind with a colorless mind.
As white as snow, the mind fills with fragrance
of the white jasmine flowers,
Pure and perfect of all this show.
Mother’s love as safe as white,
As pure and clean as white.
Thus on a white note, shall I
Stroke my canvas with colors on call.

A yellow stroke on my canvas
beckons me to be sunny,
spreading joy like yellow rays of the sun,
quenching thirst with a lemonade.
Wisely shall be used this one-
My canvas shall be forever warm,
For yellow never loses its charm.
White and yellow now – yet incomplete.

Green shall be next- in its real form.
Nature colored with life – old and new,
let harmony prevail and
let those olives spread peace.
Tranquil life, fresh air shall spread,
like green grass on a rain fed moor.
Tender sprouts and emeralds green,
reflect all glory for this one.

Ocean and sky loves their shade,
So do I- with a wave of pride.
Deep as the ocean, and vast as the sky,
Their love for each other- so strong,
Stable yet never to be met, painting me sad.
With a bite of a blue blueberry,
Juice of the fruit and paint on my canvas,
Squirt with a coolness of rain from heaven.

Out comes the blood, so red and hot,
from a cut on my finger, yet I trot.
I have a painting undone, of a lady in red.
She has passion, she has strength,
Her love is strong but danger too.
She has plans. Oh yes, you see.
How well she hides two ends of a pole,
away from all but in plain sight.

The red lady was done by fall,
She was hot still, but a ball of snow,
Did all the trick – she was in orange.
She was happy and felt free,
like the maple leaves floating in the autumn wind.
She wore a garland of marigolds,
Her mood was of fascination,
but her thirst for pleasure did not fade.

I saw her blush with a tint of pink,
when her red lips met the white snow.
She was tender and in vain and love.
She followed the sky and ocean,
and mixed her red with their blue.

Lavender was born, or violet or purple,
She never cared nor did I.
All that mattered was adding colors
on my canvas.

The canvas was full, yet incomplete.
Missing was some darkness, some depth.
Help came from up above-
the big guy started his display in dark.
White is not white if no black,
and stars and moon shall fail to smile.
The hymns of evil and mystery twirls
applauded the grief and fear it brought.
Black is black and black is black,
Shall bow to her, rest all her peers.

Notes :
White : Color of purity, safety, cleanliness, innocence, optimism
Yellow: Color of happiness, sun shine, joy, lemonade, warmth

Green : Color of fertility, life, harmony, peace.
Blue : Color of sky and ocean, depth, stability, coolness
Red : Love, danger, heartbreak, sensuality, sexuality, color of blood
Orange : Obtained by mixing red and white
Pink : Mix red and white, you have pink.
Lavender/ Violet/ Purple : red and blue together gives you them.
Black : color of night, fear, mystery, darkness.


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    1. Hello Sui 🙂
      Am glad that you met with my blog 🙂
      and more happy that you took time to read my poem 🙂 Thanks a bunch for the hearty message 🙂 I shall try to keep up with writing. Thank you for your encouragement !! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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