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Dwarf and Basketball

For Sonya’s Three Line Tale , Week #230

photo by K. Mitch Hodge via Unsplash

Emma, with great curiosity to get a reaction,showed this old photograph of her, taken during her last visit to the land of giants and asked her 5 year old son “Jamie, what do you think of this picture?”

Reluctant at first to take his eyes from his favorite basketball on TV, Jamie looked and stared at the picture for a full long 5 minutes and broke into a violent cry.

Emma was startled, tried to console Jamie and asked why he was crying to which he replied, ” My mamma is a dwarf and then I will also be a dwarf and dwarfs cannot play basket ball”, which made her burst into a loud laugh !!

COPYRIGHT ยฉ 2019- 2020 Nima Mohan,, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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