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Orange / Haibun

Mindlovemisery’s Photo Challenge #321

Three maple leaves on the road showcasing a bright contrast of colors. Orange or golden as the color of fall, against the dark or grey of the road. About to take my steps, I see the face of time down below, smiling at me. I withdraw and wait and think.  The inevitable changes in life, the sure fall in life however high we hold on – I see them all staring right back. Why not!! These precious leaves of maple – magical ones warding off demons and bad omens; they even meant fertility once. But all the magic, all the super powers could not but safeguard it from the clutches of time!!A change in wind, a change in color was all that took for the green ones to turn orange and fall, drifting away. Such is life. We always hear time’s chariot nearing, chasing us towards the end, yet we cannot hide and run away.

Maple leaves just three
Numbers colors matter not
teaching life lessons

One color orange
altered life and seasons bound
even maples shed


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