Magic – Three Line Tales #228

For Sonya’s Three Line Tales #228

photo by Juan Ordonez via Unsplash

“Magic is just a manipulation of your beliefs, misleading your senses or persuading you to believe the wrong like in this picture where the illusionist creates a simple illusion or to be more precise, magic is just a word used to pacify young kids to make them understand things that are beyond their scope of knowledge” – explained the minister in his media briefing, in concern of the picture that was spreading fast across the internet.

Just a nod at his secretary was enough to stop the press meet abruptly.

The minister then soon fled to the old castle in the outskirts, without his usual convoy but his trusty secretary, wearing his robe and the special bronze pendant like the one in the picture; where he summoned “his group”, all in the same attire and accessory, and in an immediate spurt addressed them, “We must find a way to divert muggle attention from this picture and Fred, you be more careful while venturing out into their world!! “ – Said he, pointing to the man in the picture- now standing in front of him.


32 thoughts on “Magic – Three Line Tales #228

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  1. Wow! One other Potterhead here! Luckily, Fred’s still alive in your words. But, my heart is obdurate to accept this man on picture to be Fred. He looks so pathetic. 😟

    I’m astonished by the length of your sentence. I thought mine was longer but you’ve nailed it, Nima! Loved this magic. ❤

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    1. I have never written sentences this long. This is my first time, and I must say I was inspired by you and some other fellow bloggers who are a pro at this😊

      And am sure there are more potterheads on the way 😋

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s awesome. I’m honoured, Nima!

        Yeah, absolutely! There must be more here. We’ll set a mission soon to find. A related post is on the way to be published on Saturday.

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