This is IT

Thursday Poetry Competition – FRIENDSHIP – Make some Room

The strangest kind of love,
Or be it called friendship,
Lingered in the air of my room
Where its four walls breathed.

A sense of comfort,
A smell of consolation,
Spoken without words,
A sensation so strong.

With warmth, they received me,
Kept me safe with concern.
Managed my all seasons,
And kept with dignity.

They’ve seen my bare curves,
They’ve watered my withered soul,
They have seen my bloomed heart,
And those rainy days.

They carried my shadows,
and carried my wind.
Their naked bodies wet,

When my eyes overflowed.

Reflecting the color of my mind,
Yet never daring to change them.
Always stood tall and plain,
Reminding me of my shades.

They inhaled my sorrow,

And eased my pain.
We needed no words,
Just a blank stare and
Silent exchange of thoughts.

This is my kind of friendship,
My idea of being there.
If this is not it,
Then what else can be?


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