Pit of Nonsense

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Sunday Writing Prompt – Uncontrollable Nonsense

I have fallen to a pit of nonsense.
Surrounded by whimsical attacks,
Staggering truths poking me in the eyes.
My nose smelling only rotten candies.
My ears travelling in all directions,
Just for getting pricked with flattering
Coated with sugar crystals.
Oh!!! The pit is dark.
But why did I even expect a light here?
 A deep hole in the ground,
Dug only with words of jibes and mockery,
And the walls all webbed with eager irony,
No sun will shine through and
No candles will be lit here.
I have my reasons for that too.
I have never opened my eyes since then,
And i did not take matches to light my candle!!!

COPYRIGHT © 2019- 2020 Nima Mohan, thetenthzodiac.wordpress.com, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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