Wordle #191

Wordle #191 – Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Words for Wordle #191
1. earnest
2. awake
3. foliage
4. aeromancy- the prediction of future events from observation of

weather conditions.
5. meretricious- alluring by a show of flashy or vulgar attractions;

tawdry/ based on pretense, deception, or insincerity/pertaining to or
Characteristic of a prostitute.
6. shoes
7. running

8. birch
9. hamster
10. smoke
11. sleep
12. hesitate

The meretricious climate confirmed that she was indeed skilled in aeromancy. Her earnest and strong inclinations against hesitations always awarded her with the best of everything and she wanted none to birch her to success. She always aimed at green foliage and this strong head of hers found a way to tackle the troubles. When it dawned early, the sun shining through the smoke of previous day, she was wide awake. She was done with her sleep, put on her running shoes and on she went, her cheeks pouching her immense happiness like a hamster.

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