Nightmare or ?

For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – First Line Friday

Someday, this will be over– 
only remembered like some half-felt
and fading nightmare.

Will think your hope,
Hoping this misery to end.

Pulling you from one side,
And trying to enter you from the other,
Ripping your soul apart,
And making you cry in vain.
And then you realize-
You can’t move a limb,
Even if you want to run away.
No amount of screaming would be heard,
Though you would be screaming loud.
You will be confused;
you will be confined to bed.
You will sweat even when
The AC is on.
Darkness will prevail all around.
And then you will see ‘it’.
A who or a what or a thing?
Staring at you right into your eyes,
Likely to pounce upon you,
Might possess you or drink your blood.
You never know.

Just when you decide to succumb,
in a pull, you open your eyes.
You see no one.
Still confused and scared maybe,
You try to collect but nothing makes sense.
And then your solace will whisper-
this is all over– 
and will only be remembered like

some half-felt and fading nightmare.


This whole event can be described as Sleep Paralysis. I don’t know how many of you have gone through this, I have. My heart shudders even now at just the thought of it. My husband has experienced it 2 times and till last week, this was only something that will never occur to me. But it did. I have tried to write down what I felt during the whole process, but trust me it was real scary !!

31 thoughts on “Nightmare or ?

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    1. Jay !!! Your comment escaped into the spam section.. but I found you out 😛

      You are right.. its scary Jay.. when you see everything so vivid.. and you are unable to move 😦 more than frightening. I dont know how I am still alive 😦


        1. It wont be that then.. if it is sleep paralysis, you wont be able to move. 🤭🤭 just as I have written 🙄🙄 and you will literally see something sitting by your side, staring at you 😧😧
          Thank you Anisha !! Good day to you too ❣️❣️

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          1. Okay! I just get the concept clearly. Thanks for explaining, Nima! I’ll browse more about it later.

            I’ve had the experience too, just once in life though, during school. Four people at home tried waking me as I made some weird noise during sleep, and finally when I showed no movements, they burnt a red chilli near my nose, and I woke up sneezing.

            I’ve also seen my dad in the same state. He was trying to speak, but couldn’t.

            That’s very haunting!

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  1. I could feel it even if you wouldn’t have described it in description.
    I felt every bit of it. Not because I have undergone anything of this sort but because this write up seemed so real to me.

    I appreciate how you turned a process in a poem. It’s beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe thank you so much Bhavya.. am not the person who sees any kind of dreams let alone nightmares. Normally I step in directly to deep sleep.. but thise days I was stressed out and this happened. Thats when Sleep Paralysis happens 🙄

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