Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

I turn the pages of my mind,
My hollow eyes meet a young girl,
With sparkling eyes, staring at me.
Less freckles and lines,
Messy hair but no colored streaks,
Lean but fat with ideas,
Eyebrows undone but swollen
With shining droplets of sweat.
Adorning some silly wishes of mind,
She floats around- weightless,
Worries and scars so unknown.
Turning back often to see how
her little feet imprints the muddy hearts
of the lane she walks.
Talking to trees and flowers,
All the way up to the woods.
Hugging those trees in distress,
Just to make them feel alright.
Looking up to see those proud ones,
Boasting about their heights,
to those fluffy fellows up there.
How she listens to hear the sound
of crumbling leaves with each step.
She has named all the insects, the animals,
the birds, the worms and butterflies,
And she talks to each calling out their names.
With awe I watch how all of them,
Hears her wish and loves her back.
When tired, she rested on the ground,
Closed her eyes to meditate on
the song of woods.
She wished she always had this life,
To breathe in the aroma of carefree life,
The fragrance of  wet grass.
When the pages are turned more,
I see, she has lost her wings.
I close the book and mutter a wish,
To be a caterpillar who would come out
To be the most beautiful butterfly,
Who after losing those wings,
Will sleep in another cocoon
Only to be born again as
Another butterfly.


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