Fragrance/ Take 2

Had written one more for ‘Fragrance’ – a prompt from H R Phoenix.
The competition is over, so posting one more take on the same prompt.

Rippling through the air,
Seducing  from my slumber,
You woke me up from my boring world,
Into yours – charming, glowing and free.

You were so famed and celebrated,
but you never cared.
You blamed it all on the air,
For you were so out of control.

The world wanted to make you theirs,
But none could not.
You were not an easy catch,
Though you roamed around free.

You were priced spanning ranges,
You were bought spending pennies.
When they thought they had you,
You escaped with a craft so fine.

One glance at you, or holding you tight,
Stood no chance in deciphering  you.
You held your feelings so tight,
And kept them all for the right moment.

Feminine, Breezy, Ocean, misty
Floral, subtle, sharp and classy,
Or like a girl next door.
You were complicated.

You were seen in all shapes,
You were of many colors.
Sometimes sharp and sometimes soft,
But you had just one name- fragrance.


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