Your Fragrance

Memories of you linger here,
Dancing to the tune of music
That you played on your guitar,
The first time we met.

Oh!! My heart swells with pain,
When I think of you and your smile,
But my blood is no more red,
For the love is lost with you.

My brain here explodes,
The neurons are birthing more
To remember the pain
Of your love and betrayal.

But there is one thing that lasts.
You have lived here long enough,
The air retains your fragrance,
And this alone keeps me alive.

Since that doomed day,
I have kept the same bed sheets,
And did not open those  windows,
For the wind may steal you from me.

I close my eyes and find you near,
I breathe in real slow so that
My nostrils can choose your scent-
You will live in me.

My days are forever etched
with your fragrance sweet.
My nights are always tied
to your side of the bed.

You talked suppressed words,
But your smell was loud,
I always knew you were coming
Even on rainy days.

You had the gift of masking,
Your pheromones were smart,
Though I could smell you out,
Even in a crowd of millions.

This is our story that started in love,
And ended in deception.
But the fragrance of that life
Lives in me and will live in me.


For Thursday Poetry Competition

PC : Styledomaine

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