Written for Eugi’s Causerie – Weekly promptsHARMONY
FOWC with Fandango – Iron
Daily Spur – Freindship
RDP Tuesday – tease
One Daily Prompt – Grapple

What wrongs have I done to thee,
For your tongues often malign me?
Iron heart, fickle brain, even heartless,
To name titles a few of me.
Ragging at class corridors,
Grappling in college canteen,
Teasing all the way home,
Their hobbies for elate and satisfaction.
This garnishing with labels and
Petty feverish attitudes,
since long have followed me.
I was never their type –maybe?
Those impoverished souls wasted
their precious emotions over things so silly.
Shed their tears over broken lipsticks,
Broke their spirits over dresses trendy-
When out of stock.
Seasoning of friendship or a kind gesture,
Never from their side, not even by mistake.
I never complained nor did bother,
Why would I and Why should I.
A world without prejudices,
Thrives in me that is.
I had sown the seeds of my kind of world,
And watered it with passion.
Sun rises for happiness and
Sun sets for a peaceful chat with the moon.
My world and my people there,
Are all made of star dust.
And all the emotions are pure.
I am the queen of my world,
My heart my left , and
My soul my brain.
They never fight nor do they bother.
This whole world lives in love,
And love roots in harmony.

COPYRIGHT © 2019- 2020 Nima Mohan, thetenthzodiac.wordpress.com, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

13 thoughts on “Harmony

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      1. I only tell the truth 😉
        What? I didn’t do anything, you wrote an amazing piece of work and I stated my opinion!
        Much love to you as well… I’ll pray for you and your family…. I hope we’ll live through these hard times… ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘

        Liked by 1 person

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