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Rare and Raw

Rest of the world found it hard to cypher her. She was termed as a “rare specimen” but not in the way the phrase is usually used. Yes, she was different. She dint need to unmask her self in solitude, nor did she cry in the bathroom. She was just a happy soul, a heart full of love, and her eyes twinkled just like the first star you see at night.

She always wore white like jasmine, her favorite among flowers. She was fragrant as the white flowers that bloomed at night. She never wore socks at night as she wanted her toes to be caressed by the gentle breeze when she kept the windows open. She hated slippers too, for they never gave her a chance to sync with soil. She even remembered the place where she first discovered the Robin’s nest with blue eggs and embraced the magic of new life.

Worshiping everything was her way and the quintessence – she would even bend down to smell the soil. Or the best part, she says is to hear with head at the lorn lands, as they might have some amazing stories to tell. She could always sense the change in seasons way before everyone – the raging storms or the bad rains, warmth of spring or autumn with the golden hue. Everything was dear to her.

While everyone marked her silly, she was living every second of life.

When they called her a fool, she was engaged with the beauty of life.

When they stamped her crazy, she was happy to be crazy in love with life.

They rumored she was insane and she chased dandelions.

She knew life was not always sparks and shine and glitters, but she filled hers with more sparks, more shine and much more glitters.

Yes, she was Rare and she was Raw !!


Combined entry for

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Photo Challenge #314

3 Things challenge by Di – Worship, Remember, Bad

The Daily Spur – Sock

FOWC with Fandango – Rage

Rag Tag Daily Prompt – TWINKLE, UNMASK

Word of the Day Challenge – Jasmine

One daily Prompt – Cypher

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    1. Am so happy to see your comment😊 lucky me 😀.. thank you Neeraj 😊 and thank you for all the beautiful pictures you post for the challenge !!


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