Cascading waters

Cascading waters,
Imprinting river beds,
No much politesse shown.
Pick a pebble or two,
Look for marks or words,
The river etched on them.
Songs from the distant land,
Lore of the folks,
Or maybe even names of
Who shared love on those banks.
Dive in those waters.
Feel her sing and dance,
Hear her heavy breath,
And feel her live.
Dip in her blue waters,
Let her care for you,
And take away all the pain.
Drink her cool water,
Let her dissolve all the sorrows.
But mind you –
Never ask her to stay.
She has her own business you see.
A wild lover she is
Of the mighty seas.
Try containing her love,
And see her rage.
For even the deepest fall
Will overflow some day.

For Thursday Photo Prompt of Sue Vincent – CASCADE


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