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Pitch In !!!

Pitch in folks. This time my heart reverberates, whispering to me that the world ought to know who I am. I have been interpreted by many in their own words – but that is not my problem. What really matters to me is what I think who I am. Because I have not promised anyone that I shall reside in their chapel for them!!  It is their choice – completely. Nor am I a dough – you know, the dough that can be shaped into shapes of many choices. I don’t know what image I possess among the world minus me and I don’t know if they see me as light or darkness. I also don’t know what personality, astrology provides me with because one set of people living on the earth are not the ones in control of planets and stars. I also do not like oats but I like grains and cereals. I don’t think anyone else other than me need have a say in that. Period.


For a series of Prompts :
Three Things Challenge by Di – OATS, GRAIN, CHAPEL
FOWC with Fandango – DOUGH
The Daily Spur – Personality and LIGHT
One Daily Prompt – ASTROLOGY
RDP Saturday – IMAGE

PC :


4 responses to “Pitch In !!!”

  1. Untold Stories Avatar

    The last line Nima🤗
    And apart from that the whole composition, from the idea of dough- to be shaped, whether I am darkness or light and coming to the last. And before that I don’t care what anyone thinks…
    It’s beautiful ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nima Mohan Avatar

      That was an instant thought. I just wrote whatever came into my head that time 🙂 there was no much thought process involved. Glad to know that it did no disappoint you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. -Eugenia Avatar

    It’s good connecting with you and thank you for following Eugi’s Causerie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nima Mohan Avatar

      Thank you and it was my pleasure ♥️


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