Twilight/ Poem

Rumbling thunder stepped in.
Strong winds joined,
Bracing them were the leaves,
And then the perfect Orchestra.
The stage was set and
The show was about to begin.
A while ago, not so long ago,
The sky draped in deep,
Happy and cool blue,
Arched above the
entire stretch of land.
The day then decided,
To call it a day,
And drew the curtain.
The night was not yet
Ready to step in.
It was not time, she said.
But, the show must go on,
And stepped in the twilight.
And might I tell you,
My perfect idea of twilight,
Was displayed.
The strong winds swept away,
Those white fleece of clouds.
The grey ones –
Their bosoms so full and
Ready to spray the mist,
Entered the scene.
The hitherto blue colored sky,
Now got a splash of more.
The whole color palette,
From my world of fancy,
Got stolen for this.
Pink and orange and golden,
With streaks of white and grey,
Black marked boundaries,
And blue reminded royalty.
When this grandeur showed off,
Green and red and rest of ’em,
Presented their valor down below.
I loved this kind of twilight,
And am I to be blamed?



8 thoughts on “Twilight/ Poem

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    1. Thank you so much. This idea of twilight lingered in my mind since childhood, after reading a story that time. I cannot recollect the story but the word twilight maybe connected with me. I tried penning them but again beauty of imagination cannot be on paper all the time . Much love to you ❤

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