Thursday photo prompt: Eve #writephoto

Friendship for long years,
Drowned  in treachery.
Betrayal always wiggled,
through the tiniest of cracks.
History lead the way.
Examples were referred to.
Adamant and cruel,
Those fools stood firm,
That ‘he’ should be burnt.
‘He’ who saw the birth of time,
‘He’ who saw the first of humans,
‘He’ who gave them sense,
‘He’ who led them straight.
But who cared?
Time and date fixed,
For the flaming ceremony.
The fools fooled him,
‘He’ on one side and ,
“His friends” on the other.
No words or emotions exchanged.
Helpless and heartbroken,
He succumbed to the flames.
But perfidy hurt him more.
He was gone and long lost.
But post his death,
They couldn’t notice-
That boiling water was hot,
That alligators might kill,
That  ants might bite,
That stones might hurt.
And many more.
After all, they burnt,
Their old friend-


Entry for Thursday Photo Prompt : Eve #writephoto

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