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Child Of Universe/ Poem

Descending from the dreams,
Of star dust and moon beams,
She smelled of stars and desires,
Of candy hearts and wild flowers.
Winged like butterflies,
And colored like fairies,
Her voice pitched like bike bells.
A giver of life she was-
For a touch, or a sight of her,
Or a smile from her meant,
Rain for dry lands and
Sun for Sunflower.
Or like stars on a cloudy night,
Moon for a longing soul.
The teddies – the loneliest of them,
Sprang into a smile when she looked.
The wilted rose was rescued,
With tender dew and her touch.
The cars – Oh the worst of them,
Got a tint of her golden hair.
She talked life into a bed
Of white flowers and green leaves,
Which lingered to be the mask-
The mask of ignorance and arrogance.
She was a dreamer too,
Oh a terrific one,
And a million alibis to that statement.
This lass – might I tell you,
Could be the child of universe,
And she might be conspiring love for all,
And she may do this,
Even when the screw on the plank is tightened.

Written for MindloveMisery’s Menagerie – Collage – Sunday Writing Prompt.

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