The HEART / not a Poem

Have you heard of a poor little guy called the heart ? ❤ Oh yes.. I am sure everyone has. But the poor one has a real sad story 😦 Defenseless and vulnerable, all alone out in the fields, he continues to do his job.. yeah.. i mean the pumping 😐 – even if it meant getting broken, stamped, slayed and hurt. Gathering the many little pieces, sticking together all of them again, he continues to work.It still beats and pumps. Dying every minute, he tries to stay alive each second. Pitying this plight of the dear little heart, and maybe already knowing this pain, God decided to guard the soul of this poor heart and created emotions and intuitions. But he left out something. He forgot that these same emotions controlled this heart. 😦 😦

So.. what did these emotions do? They built a maze around the heart and they guarded the maze. But literally, the maze was so easy to cross. Anyone could reach the heart. And what did the intuition do? He decided to stay unnoticed but the heart knew that the intuition lived somewhere near the gut. The heart, despised intuition even though intuition was almost right all the time.

The heart always fell for the emotions even though it meant more pain and hurt. Alas.. !!! Because God forgot to change the heart- who always remained innocent and silly and the pumping continued as he alone could do this duty. So what I meant was that, though the heart had some guards and a maze, it still got hurt. The breaking, slaying, stamping and the pain – continued.

11 thoughts on “The HEART / not a Poem

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  1. I pity this fragile thing called heart. You described it so well. I am sure this would give some strength to it. Everyone blames it for being so caring, so loving. Nobody cares for heart. Everyone plays with it.

    I am not over it yet. It’s so so beautiful. I gotta save it.
    Pious little heart deserves so much love.💛💛


    1. Ohh Rashmi.. i dont know why I did not see this comment of yours. And after all this while, I noticed it today.. So sorry dear !!!

      Thank you for the read dear one, and thank you for those beautiful to you ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Wow ! Such a beautiful personification of the heart Nima . Just loved it !
    Especially “ gathering all the pieces “ it puts up a picture in readers mind !This definitely touched my heart ❤️😊👍

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