The Coat Hanger/ Poem

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The Coat hanger stood all alone,
In the left corner of the room.
It was heavy with the purge,
For there were no beige coats seen.
It tried to absorb the haste of cars outside.
With a level of certainty,
It could sense – something was not right.
Still it did not want to listen to a sob story,
Nor did it want to be excluded from life.
Everyday at dusk, it hoped that,
Next day would be different.
But No-it was all the same and boring.
It tried to be the own man, but,
Did not succeed and why would it?
A coat hanger is Idoneous,
Should there are coats to be hanged.
Alone it stood, alone it crumpled,
For God knows how long it stood,
In wait of them coat owners.

Written for Mindlovemisry’s Menagerie – Wordle #186

The words for use :
1. Coat
2. Alone
3. Certainty

4. Car
5. Exclude
6. Idoneous- (adj.)) appropriate; fit; suitable; apt)
7. Own Man
8. Sob Story
9. Next
10. Heavy
11. Absorb
12. Beige

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