Where did I lose my Suitcase?

Waking up to the rumble from up above,
Like crowds mumbling down the road,
Opening my weary eyes to the old ceiling,
I lay motionless and stare at the creaky fan.
A ruin of the past it was,
With patches of gold here and there,
The remains of the paint,
Reminding how golden were the gone days.
The thunder indeed was a force majeure,
I laughed at me – how did I even get that phrase?
Maybe from the left over neurons of the past,
Where I could read and write and dance and sing.
But now- they are just memories.
I had to part with that part of mine long ago.
The moment I decided to leave,
I abandoned that lady there,
-As she would be a burden to me-.
The day I bought the ticket to somewhere,
A place that came first on the list,
And with the minimum fare.
The loud thunder pulled me back to reality.
I raise from the bed and raising the curtains,
I notice my fingernails-
Worn out of ignorance- towards them and life.
I stare out of the window, towards the tracks,
“Rainy day” – I said in a soliloquy.
“Your medicines” – said she with a smile. 
I turn around and only see a white pigeon,
I tried to catch it but,
it flew towards the train station.
Sad and depressed, I draw the curtains,
And I go to bed again.
But one question remained -
Where did I lose my suitcase?
I wanted to ask the pigeon,
but like every day, I could not.
And as is the ritual, I cry myself to bed.

Written for MindloveMisery’s Menagerie – Wordle #185
Make up a poem/ short story with the following words :
1. Pigeon
2. Rumble
3. Rainy
4. Train Station
5. Gold
6. Fingernails
7. Force Majeure- an unexpected and disruptive event that may operate to excuse a party from a contract.
8. Ticket
9. Suitcase
10. Raise
11. Part
12. Worn

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