Blue and Lavender/ Poem

The blue delights,
And lavender excites.

The wind perils,
And so do the thrills.
Yesterday was a treasure,
And today is measure
Of all the long roads,
That have been rode,
And the narrow ones ahead.
Today’s abode retreats,
And maybe tomorrow’s too.
Today will be history,
And the rest will be a story.
The world through the windows,
Is such a confined one.
But the choice-
Is always yours.

But still,
The blue delights,
And lavender excites.

Towards my ride,
I move with stride.
Reluctant for parade,
I play in my mind,
The many charades,
And shades of life.
The many pages,
Of books I have read.
The many names,
I called upon.
The many days,
I slept away.
The many nights,
I counted stars.
Of all the dreamy seconds,
That gave way,
To minutes and hours.
Of all the flowers,
I drank the nectar.
Of all the colors,
But no the ones
In the rainbow.
Of all the rains,
That drenched me wet.

And yet,
The blue delights,
And lavender excites.

Written for MindloveMisery’s Menagerie – Photo Challenge #310

Photo by Viktor Lundberg on

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