The Virtual Switchblade

I bought a phone one day,
And now I have a castle.
I painted it Robin’s egg blue,
And soon it became treasure.
Day by day, I filled it in.
My personalia and my life-
My happy and sad days,
My excitements and depressions,
Even my deep dark secrets.
And I was proud-
I could hold and control my life.
I started living in that castle.
No pressure and no regrets- I thought.
Aloof from what surrounded,
I decided to throw myself,
Into the virtual emotions.
What was hidden was that,
I was making a switchblade.
Something to gaunt and make a cut,
So deep and lower into my Jugular vein.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Wordle #184
The words for Wordle being :
Personalia- personal belongings. biographical data, personal reminiscences, or the like
Robin’s Egg Blue
Jugular Vein

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