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The road was long,
The road was empty.
But some spirals, or lights,
Along the road.
The night was dark,
But the lights were bright.
Of all colors they were,
Certain moths around them.
And like a moth against them,
I walk in spirals, staring,
Only at those lights.
Days passed, weeks too,
Maybe months and years.
They were so catchy,
And dimmed everything around,
Or maybe the moth didn’t look.
This moth, the same moth,
Who once loved the stars,
Who talked to moon,
Who lived in the sky,
Forgot all of that,
Flew around these lights,
Spiralling its life.
But at the end of swirl,
The sky was the same.
The moon and stars smiled.
And they all waited,
And they will wait.
Coz they knew that,
This moth would come back,
One day to them.
Just a matter of time,
The moth should for once,
Come out of this vicious circle,
Or look above.

Written for MindloveMisery’s Menagere – Photo Chllenge #309

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