Flying across the omophagous minds,
And satiating their inside instincts-
That would elate only at the sight of raw meat,
And filling their lungs with the stink of blood,
She had to succumb to their greed clad thoughts.
But to conquer the horizon and
Understand the indefinite indentations,
She had to ignore the forever etched scars.
To immerse into the incomprehensible ways,
She trusted the sling of bed sheets,
She accepted her fate and bled red,
To mix it later with the blue of her mind, soul and body.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Wordle #182

The words for prompt
1. Sheets
2. Slung
3. Fly
4. Omophagous- the eating of raw food, especially raw meat.
5. Inside
6. Blue

7. Incomprehensible
8. Conquer
9. Horizon
10. Indentations
11. Understand
12. Trust

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