The Classroom Was a Zoo

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“The classroom was a zoo”.
They were well aware but they wanted it.
It was the way they loved.
It was the way they dreamed.
Their walls made dirty with scribbles of all colors,
Their floors full of scattered toys,
Paper balls and left over food everywhere,
the rooms were smelly and the chairs were sticky.
They knew their classroom was a zoo.
But they did not complain.
And they did not whine.
They were scoffed at and they were mocked at.
Even then they did not whimper.
No one but them knew .
The dirty wall scribbles filled their life with poetry,
It gave meaning to their lives.
The scattered toys gave them something to look forward,
It was rearranged to be deranged the next day.
Paper balls and sticky floors gave them enough exercise to get
them through.
The smelly rooms replaced their barren minds with happiness.
The sticky chairs gave their childless home a ray of hope.
Their soulless heart got a reason to live through this class.
The zoo filled their life with all the bright colors,
The chaos gave them melodies
It was the rain upon parched land.
It was the medicine to their soul.

‘Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Saturday Mix/ Mad About Metaphor
Usage of Metaphor – “the classroom was a zoo”

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