One Last Time/ Poem

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Let me take this last one,
For I promise-
There won’t be another one.
On this cold night,
When even my breath is frozen,
When every strand of my hair,
Feels the chill till the root,
My arms, my legs and my body,
All devoted to mark me weak.
Trying to keep my fingers alive,
For I need them to take-
This one last puff.
My body bearing with me
All these days when I loved this.
This craving to drink the smoke in,
From a cylinder with a glowing tip.
Only to go with the flow,
Nothing in return but this blow.
So I know- that this time,
I will not be spared.
I see it coming.
I can sense my lungs failing me
And then my heart deciding to freeze.
When it does,
This glowing ember will still be,
Letting out the fumes of ordeal,
Between my two fingers.

Poem for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Photo Challenge #300

The image is to be used as an inspiration for Poem/Short story or any other artistic forms depending on the interests.

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