In the deepest caverns of my mind,
There once lived a demon- untamed.
It lurked in total darkness-
Unleashing turns and torments,
Utter chaos and tantrums.
Oh this demon broke my every nerve,
And crushed my bones.
My heart torn into the maximum bits,
And my mind into infinite fragments.
It was the fear of falling in love,
And the demon fed with me everything wrong.
And coz of the him,
I lived in utter darkness,
Dismay and misery- until-
I met you.
With just a smile- radiating all love,
And an aura of inexplicable muse.
You taught me all about love,
And that the demon was all wrong.
With you, I killed the demon,
And like sunflower I followed my sun,
And my mind whispered-
“You are my Sunshine !! “

Entry for Saturday Mix- Mad about Metaphor and the Metaphor being “You are my Sunshine”.