Magical Garden/ Poem

Always spring there,
With the fineness of flowers.
Air filled with the honey talk
Of butterflies flying around.
Adding to the music
Of the water flow.
Rainbow bridges
Spanning love lakes.
Birds in all bright shades,
Flocking in the sky.
And there will be fairies-
Them all so pretty.
With their colored eyes
And glass wings.
Playing peek-a-boo
Among the clouds.
When the brightest stars,
Light up the night skies,
The lamp posts below,
Will gleam with glow worms.
And I live there,
As one little fairy.
The happiest of them all,
With an aura of pleasure and gay.
This magical garden of mine,
Is a profuse of bliss.

This is my entry for “MAGICAL GARDEN” for Sunday Writing Prompt hosted by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

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          1. I was born in the south (of the states) but ended up north – I happen to be in a good spot for four seasons… more or less equal.

            They say people can adapt to their environment… but like in some areas in the states like Arizona 110 F in the shade is still 110 F – too hot!

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