Not to be a WALLFLOWER/Poem

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The red will become brown,
And the brown too shall fade.
Like every story on earth,
She too shall wither- the wallflower.

If each star is a soul from earth,
She too shall end up as one,
Or at least she wished.
And that an eternal dream for her.

She waited till the last breath.
For she knew her time here
Was just a door- that led
To her destiny- the sky.

And when it happens,
She would choose her place-
To be near the brave hunter,
Or the wicked queen.

She would wait all day,
Just to live through the night.
She would talk to the stars,
Like she would do after joining them.

The bleeding heart of Orion though,
Gave the red tint to love ethereal,
But queen Cassiopeia in her chair,
Oh!! The lofty one !!

Dear Orion!! You have been brave.
And an eccentric lover.
Even the mighty bull could not rein
Your untamed love.

But it comes as a knock-
When the light of heaven,
The brightest of all-
Flees the Scorpion.

And you Cassiopeia !!
What mother dwells in you?
For aborting all the love
For Andromeda – so that you be saved!!

Rightly punished you are.
On your throne may be,
But a living hell for eons,
Contorting in agony.

Just when she hailed at them,
She was hit by the warm sun rays.
Rigel and Bellatrix fading,
The queen’s face invisible now.

Her red petals beaming and bright,
Her soul but in vain.
Remember her name – Wallflower-
The least she wanted to be up above.

To be lone among the many,
To be on the brim or periphery,
To live unnoticed and leave unimpaired,
Exist with no traces of existence.

The celestial love she wanted,
To take part in the race of obsession,
To bleed in love, to rise in love,
Live a real life of emotions or
Not to be a Wallflower-NEVER.

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