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KIZ KULESI, Istanbul

KIZ KULESI in Turkish . Also known as

~Maiden’s Tower because she has seen the death of a maiden princess.
~Leander Tower because she has seen the tragic love of Leander and Hero.
She has seen much more .She survives as a remnant of the past.

She has been on my top priority since the day we planned the Istanbul trip . I still remember the increased pace of my heart beat when I first caught a glimpse of her during our Bosporus cruise . The same excitement and “ butterflies in stomach” feeling the next day when we set out towards her. On the return boat, just a turn back and I realized I left my soul with her. And after these many days of return from the trip, I still feel the same while looking at her. She just lingers in my mind all the time ❤️ I am in love with her ❤️


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