Between the Stars/ Poem

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The stars.
I see them scattered-
Like someone threw them,
From a basket- swaying,
From left to right,
Or right to left.
I see them shining.
I see them blinking.
The black sky being
The perfect backdrop,
To brighten their sparkle.

And the dark.
The dark between the stars.
The intriguing dark.
Layers and layers of secrets,
Hidden behind the shiny faces.
Entombing stories of cosmic world,      
Or windows to other worlds.
Even holding plans for us!!
For they say- “the stars-
“they have our destiny”.
Maybe that is hidden,
In dark between the stars.

Who knows what lays above?
Who knows what lays amidst?
Maybe only the stars.
And they shade over us,
With their sparkly face,
And shiny smile.
Oh! Trust me!!
They did this in the past.
And still they endure.
Ace brats they are!!
But –
A day will come,
When they divulge me,
In the treasure they hold on to.
Coz, I will ask them till they do!!

But then,
Will they stop being magical?
No more wonders in the sky?
Will they just be “hot gas bags”?
They lose their charm all at once.
And then will I fathom,
No more night sky magic.
Oh no !! Oh no !!
Not what I would want.
So dear stars,
I fret not anymore.
I will see you shining,
I will see you blinking,
I will see you smiling,
And I know that you know.
The Stars.

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