Towards the Station Unknown/Poem

Image Courtesy : Internet

Amidst the crowds of colorless people,
The intoxicating smell of bothering crowds,
And their blabbering poisoning my ears,
I walk. I walk to a station unknown.

They told me-
The station is just around the corner.
But all I saw was a road so straight.
The deception of the vision -I thought
Only if I could choose the right path.

I walk again towards the station.
It has a name that I can’t remember,
And it has an address- left behind
Only if I could revive my neurons.
I hope at least my brain still works.

I ask for water, I ask for food.
The kind gave me something,
But does it taste like paper?
I don’t know- what about my sense?
Have I lost that too ? -I don’t know!

Still I walk towards the station unknown.
I would have lost everything by then.
But I hope at least my heart still beats-
For when I reach there, if not my brain,
My heart will know.

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