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Mending a Heart Break/ Poem for 28/10/2019

Of dreams in winged chariots,
Life sized versions of magic,
Of all that I have loved to live,
Of starry nights and moon beams.

Sun kissed mornings and coffee in bed,
Sandy beaches and a tanned skin,
Surfing the waves and diving deep,
To the blue ocean heart.

Soulful music and random dancing,
Good food and sparkling red wine,
Books that make you dream at day,
Wings to make you fly and fly.

Rainy days and hot chocolates,
Cuddling with your old pillow,
The rainbow sightings with sun rays,
And the muddy puddles all around.

Nights filled with the glow of worms,
Crickets when they sing their song,
Waiting for the pink in horizon,
Embracing the first rays of sun.

Pick two or three from above,
Or maybe the whole for you,
Broken wings and hearts do hurt,
But trust me, this too shall pass.

Accept what has gone by,
Learn from what has gone by,
A heart breaking is the loudest silence,
Why not mend it with a loud scream.

The prompt for 28/10/2019 : Mending the broken places
Poetry Type : Free Verse

This is my entry for OctPoWriMo 2019

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