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Dear Womb / Poem for 3/10/2019

God made me and he made me a Woman.
And when I asked for gift for life,
He blessed me with the Womb.
Cradling within me, within my body.
This womb of mine bore the pain,
And she bled causing distress.
I forget, but she remembered
To remind me of the woman I am.
And when time came, she sheltered my son.
Keeping him safe, protecting, nurturing,
Feeding him - she cared for him more than me.
I slept, but she never did,
And she took care of him tirelessly until,
It was time for him to leave the womb.
So dear womb of mine,
Thank you and I love you.

Prompt for 03/10/2019 : The Womb
Poetry Type : Free Verse

My entry for OctPoWriMo 2019


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