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Emotions, Secrets and Life/ Poem for 26/10/2019

Ebbing and flowing
"Mind"- the shore of river
Boat of life often tossed or drowned
Driving the sail as they please
Love, Hatred, Pain, Agony
Secrets and Words

Silence of Words
Suppressed and Shrouded
Tongue and heart bleeds holding back
Burning inside and tangled brain
Untamed mind and body
Lack of sleep

Secrets and Confusions
Buried and procrastinated
Breathing in and out but frozen soul
Numbed body and entwined nerves
Better dead than live
Speak your truth

Prompt for 26/10/2019 : Silence, Biting your tongue,Speak you truth,What is unspoken
Poetry Type : Joseph’s Star

This is my entry for OctPoWriMo 2019

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