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My Brown Baby/ Poem for 23/10/2019

I had a dream so childish,
Coz I was a child back then.
"Own a dog"- as simple as that,
But it was not that easy.

Mom was OK but dad was not,
He dint want a dog at home.
But one day God heard my plea,
And there he was, my brown puppy.

A brown bundle with white patches,
On the tail tip and a crown on the chest.
My hair - his favorite toy and
My dad- his favorite person.

He who did not want a dog,
Became his best friend too soon.
Such is their power of love,
That can turn even a stone.

Such a happy soul he was,
Did not mean harm to none,
Love, love and love to all,
A never ending flow from heart.

But his days turned tragic,
When he got some bad tissues,
He was in such a pain,
But he did not stop his tail.

He wagged and wagged to all of us,
We could hear him moan from pain,
Though we did not want it done,
We freed him from his pain.

Till date I miss him and I do,
A drop of tear or two fills my eyes
At his very thought,
He who only knew to love.

Such are thy fur babies,
A never ending source of love,
Faith and passion their color,
and wag of tail- their language.

Prompt for Oct 23 is Fur Babies
Poetry Type : Ode

Entry for OctPoWriMo 2019

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