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The BLACK Color/ Poem for 12/10/2019

I had written this poem before. Was taking a stroll in the park at night and this idea occurred to me. I tried personifying the Black color and delivered it in Free Verse poetry.

 The sun sets finally.
The moment she has been waiting for,
Since the dawn crawled in.
She knew that the wait is worth.
When the scorching sun
Blazed upon everything,
She lay hidden in dark.
In far off places where
Sun rays withered.
For if they found her,
She would cease.
She would be gone without
Even the ashes of burning.

But now, she can come out.
The sun was drowning.
He could not survive the
Vastness of the sea waters.
-And she did – happily.

Night – was the time.
The time she could rejoice.
She placed her steps gently,
Over the night’s naked body.
She is the color of night.
She is the color BLACK.
Imprinted bad and evil,
For reasons unknown.
Shielding all colors within,
Making them pretty.
But the result-
Black days and deeds.
Black hands and magic.
What crime did she deliver-
That all fault was hers?
But she did not complain.

She lived the moment.
The night was her moment.
She is the color of night.
She is the color beyond sky.
She is the color deep inside.
And when dawn creeps in,
When her time is up,
She will not flee.
 She will let herself burn.
Coz she knows-
The sun shall pass and
She will be born again.

This is my entry for OctPoWriMo 2019

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