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The Touch/ Poem for 10/10/2019

In the life of a Canine, what holds more value than the love from his human? His gentle touch, the cuddles and snuggles and the embrace to feel his heartbeats and his human;s love for him- nothing and no one else matters to him more than that. I was fortunate enough to have one dog in childhood and I have experienced infinite and unconditional love from him. No matter how your day went, no matter how you look- your dog will always love you. Your dog will always love you just the way you are. And when his time is up, he will wait for you at the Rainbow Bridge for his human so that they could cross it together and be in love – FOREVER.


Your gentle Love,
Keeping you warm on winter nights,
This world and beyond Rainbow Bridge- I will love you.

" A Canine's Claim for infinite LOVE"

The Prompt for October 10 is TOUCH.
The suggested Poetry Type – Clarity Pyramid.

I have tried writing this in Clarity Pyramid, but I do not know if I have done justice to the poetry form. Open to all advice and suggestions. Please do not hesitate 🙂

My entry for OctPoWriMo- 2019

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