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Loneliness/ Poem for 11/10/2019

Today’s prompt is Silence.

To me, Silence brings in the idea of Loneliness. Living with my 4 year old, when silence is “happens only when he sleeps” situation, that is the time I try to write. And that is the time of my “ME TIME” and a feeling of Loneliness. Loneliness in a good way. My thoughts are clear and I am more productive. I can imagine anything, I can talk to myself, I can read aloud etc etc. So I wrote a poem on Loneliness some days before and that seemed perfect for this prompt.

Entangled and entwined
With my existence- destiny,
Longing to ooze out
The child of dreams.
When embraced with whole,
Born is the creation,
With beautiful mind
And soul of poems.

When confines the depressed,
Liberates them certain souls,
And meditation for them-
The ones trying to deliver
Their babies of imagination,
Seeking a warm quiet place,
For their soul child
To take shape in words.

Dropping in when all else leaves,
Tethering from all sides,
Pushing you to limits,
Leaving no holes to breathe.
But makes you aware,
Of the mettle you own,
Making you the strongest rendition-
You never knew.

My entry for OctProWriMo

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