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Choice ( Poem for 5/10/2019)

When the mind keeps aloof and you shut down the world from you, only you are to be blamed for missing the wonders of the life. And finally when you muster up the courage to finally open up, make the heart so hard and the mind be of stone. So that the infinite possibilities find you out. And when success knocks your door, be prepared for the parasites that feed on your happiness. The hard heart and the stone mind should have the strength to bear the consequences. Be tenacious and accept the repercussions. Rest is history. The choice is OURS- solely !!

And here is a poem on Choices !!

 Should I stay inside-?
And lay lazy beside-
Smelling the boring
Stuff inside? - snoring.
Do I have a choice?
Should I kill my time-?
Staring at the lime
On the walls so plain,
Without much gain?
Do I have a choice?
Should I lament that day-?
On an afternoon in May,
I could not show my love,
Coz I was bad in that move?
Do I have a choice?
Should I go for the metal-?
That lets me live like cattle,
And cuts me away from real,
That I forget even my meal.
Do i have a choice?
Should I follow the path-?
To make my life of math,
But deep down my mind,
I strain to unwind.
Do I have a choice?
Should I brood over?
The gone days over
And over again when-
About them- all I can do is pen.
Do I have a choice?
I think of the options,
When I could make potions,
That could transform my life- mundane-
To a life- insane.
I do have a choice.
I could go outside,
Smell the flowers by riverside,
See the colors of thy beauty,
Than making myself pity.
I do have a choice.
I need not regret,
And need not fret,
Coz the love once lost,
Is not forever lost.
I do have a choice.
I should dumb the metal,
That cuts me from the mettle,
And find pals for the real,
Who really have that zeal.
I do have a choice.
I should unwind,
And make up my mind,
For the life I have,
Is the only one I have.
I do have a choice.
I need not be sad,
And I need not get mad,
As tomorrow’s tale,
Has never gone stale.
I do have a choice.
I do have a choice
To roar at my top voice,
That me and you and all
Have the choice to roll the ball!!
We all do have a choice.

The prompts for the day : open,close,possibilities,repercussions,choices,consequence,tenacity,

This was a poem on Choices that I wrote some time ago, but I thought it is for the prompt CHOICE. Hence contributing.

This is my entry for OctPoWriMo 2019


3 responses to “Choice ( Poem for 5/10/2019)”

  1. msjadeli Avatar

    A very powerful poem that hammers at the choice that we all have. A change of perspective is all it takes, as you go from questioning to certainty.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nima Mohan Avatar

      Thank you so much for that appreciation 😊glad you visited my blog 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. msjadeli Avatar

        You’re welcome!

        Liked by 1 person

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