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The Night and My Soul -(Poem for 1/10/2019)

 A wandering Soul I am,
Digging around for the Fire-
The fire that kept me alive,
I lost it to the Night.
I was bright and beautiful,
I was brave and smart.
But the night- Oh the night,
Could not stand my pride.

The night you know-
Wicked and wild,
Wanted to put out my fire-
The fire of my Soul.

The night made plans,
The night played by the plans,
The night unleashed Chaos,
The night made me barren.

I was left without fire,
I dredged in Pitch Black,
I lost my life and
I lost my Love.

My Love, My sweet Love,
The night snatched from me,
But I promise you that,
We shall be united some day.

A wretched me who lost Love.
A half-dead me who lost fire.
But decided to cling on to dear life,
Without losing hope and faith.

Now, I made plans and
I will play by the plans.
I shall avenge the steal and
I shall avenge the sadism.
The night descended - again,
To drain my blood and the little life,
I played dead and
I tricked the night.

The moment of Awakening,
Was for me this time,
The trap I set for night,
Did end up well.

The night's soul was trapped.
I drained his fire,
I drained his life.
The night was now empty.
Even the meekest ray of hope
Vanished from his hollow eyes.
And my revenge - Complete.

The prompts for Day 1 :Pitch Black, Soul Fire, Chaos, Awakening

This being my entry for day 1 of OctPoWriMo


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      Thank you dear !! 😃

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