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The Inverted Universe/ Poem

 The flock of sheep
Lots of them- I must say.
They move gentle,
Caring less and caring nought.

They know not,
That down below,
(Or up above,)
In an inverted Universe,
A dreamer dwells.
(Watching and waiting).
A romantic someone,
With a dreamy brain,
Conjuring a world different-
A world beyond the shiny walls,
Oh so blue- The Illusion.
She lives her life,
Thinking of what she missed,
Of the infinite world,
In the space above,
Beyond the blue vastness.

Could there be valleys?
Could there be mountains?
For the Sun to hide all night?
Where would the moon
Be keeping all his phases
When he shows just a slice?
Whose untiring hands
Weaves the blanket dark,
With starry shine and
Lost to the horizon.
Are there rains?
And the rainbows- ??
Are they same as ours?
Or do they have colors -
Not known to us?
And are there dreamers?
Mad ones like me –
Knitting a world of fantasy?
Always breathing in
Air of wonder!!

Do I miss anything?
Beyond the vastness,
Beyond the glassy windows,
Beyond what we see-
Beyond them flock of sheep.


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